Mythic Grading

How are Grading Points calculated for the first 10 Mythic Matches in Mobile legends?

Last updated on June 9th, 2021 at 08:49 pm

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Congratulations on getting to Mythic!

Now you can finally get 20k Battle points and an emote alongside some tickets. Bravo!

I really felt blessed when I reached Mythic and I know you do too. I was confused as well when looking at the Grading feature. Will you come down to legend if you lose all 10 games? Will you reach Mythical Glory by winning all 10 games? Let’s find out!

How much points is needed to reach next level in Mythic?

I have listed the required number of points for each levels:

  • Mythic V = 0-199
  • Mythic IV = 200-299
  • Mythic III = 300-399
  • Mythic II = 400-499
  • Mythic I = 500-599
  • Mythical Glory = 600+

How are grading points calculated?

Your performance in the first 10 games initially determines how much mythic point you will receive. The rule is simple:

1 win = 20 points

So if you win 10 games you would receive 200 points and get to Mythic IV instantly. But if you loose all the games then you will be granted 30 points in total.

Now that justifies the grading of initial games so play well and I hope you will win all 10 games and reach Mythic IV.

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