How to counter Aldous in mobile legends? [2021]

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Aldous, also known as one punch man is one of the strongest hero in the late game. When Aldous starts flying, you know things are going to be bad. In a 1v1 situation, even tanks will have a hard time running away. Now here I will teach you how to counter this hero.

Why is Aldous so annoying?

Unlike other heroes with life steals, it is not the case with Aldous. The problem with him is that he will gain stacks when he last hits and kills a hero or minions or creeps with his first skill. It is capped at 500 stacks but one stack adds 6 damage so that’s 3000 damage per attack. In a few blows, he will kill any hero. Squishy heroes will die in just one hit.

His second skill is as annoying because it can stun the enemy and while the skill is enabled he wont receive any basic damage and gain movement speed.

His third skill is the one which he uses to fly. If you have low health then just recall otherwise Aldous will fly towards you and kill you. You wont be able to recall if he locks onto you.

His passive can give him enough shied to sustain for along while. Every third basic attack damage is converted into shield. If his third basic attack does 3000 damage then he will receive a shield of 3000 points. That’s a very tanky passive.

How do I counter aldous?

Aldous is very weak to stun and skills that disables his first skill. You can easily counter him using hero like Chou, Argus, Franko, Saber and Masha. Chou can use his ultimate to eliminate him, Masha can use her second skill to disable Aldous from doing any basic attack, Argus with his 5 second immortality can clean off Aldous and Franco can use his ultimate to hack him for 1.8s when our other teammates can finish him off.

Fighters, Tanks can also use item like twilight armor to receive damage no more than 900 and Immortality to kill him after you are reborn or to escape.

Marksman can use Wind of Nature and Mages can use Winter Truncheon to avoid any damage for a 2 seconds.

One more way is to stop his farm. Don’t let him collect stacks and he will be useless. Whichever lane Aldous is pushing, keep two of our team mates to disrupt him from farming. Use long range heroes like marksman.

There is another one way and that is to finish the game before you get to late game. Use early game heroes like Jawhead, Paquito and destroy them as soon as possible. Focus on objectives and just push so that you will end the game before Aldous even starts flying.

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