How to counter Alucard?

How to counter Alucard in Mobile Legends? [2020]

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Alucard is an annoying hero especially for grandmaster and below rank. It can easily kill squishy heroes like they are nothing. You might have tried to go 1v1 and mostly lost. In this article, I will teach you how to counter Alucard.

Why is Alucard so annoying?

Alucard has a very high life steal. That’s why every time you go up against it you feel like you aren’t dealing damage. He can recover HP really quickly thanks to his ultimate. His passive skill is also very annoying. Passive gives Alucard the “chasing effect” using your attack after every skill will move you to the target you’re trying to attack.
This works on all targets, including Towers, so do take note.

He can instantly go near an enemy hero every time he uses any of his skills. That makes it impossible to run away from him. And because of this, he can even 1v5 against opponents.

How do I counter alucard?

Alucard is very weak against stun and cc skills. You can easily counter alucard using battle spell purify. You can also use heros with cc like Aurora. Try to avoid coming close to Alucard by using high range heroes like Lesley and Cecillion.

Most of the assassins can single-handedly take down Alucard such as Natalia, Ling, Guison, Harley. If you are going two against one Alucard then it would be best for one of you to be a damage dealer and others to be a tank. Tank with high cc skills like Franko, Tigreal, or Hylos. You can pick any marksman. The tank will keep him occupied and you will swoop in for the kill.

Also, one way is to not let him farm properly because without item it can’t do much so try out farm him but don’t die by his hands. Apart from these, you can use Blade Armor to deal some damage when he attacks.

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