How to get Freya hero for free in mobile legends? [2021]

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Freya is the most premium hero you can get in mobile legends. She is one of the most powerful fighter heroes and she is also a rarely used one. If you have ever faced a Freya then you obviously know she is a monster.

You can play her as a jungler or even side lanes, She will dominate her lane. Her second skill can give her a max attack speed boost of maximum so she will be able to push the tower from the start.

Since she is such a premium all-around hero, she also has a premium price tag. All the heroes in mobile legends can be brought with 32000 Battle points but she is a unique one who can be bought only with diamonds. It would cost 599 diamonds to get her.

How to get Freya without spending?

If you want her then there is a way for you to get her without spending diamonds.

Freya – War Angel Mobile Legends

When it is the first time that you recharge, you have the privilege to choose any hero that you want. You will get this chance only once. In this event, you can choose to get any hero by recharging any amount.

At this moment you can get her for free by recharging the bare minimum diamond that is available for the first time. This is the only way that you will get her for free. The minimum diamond to recharge is 50 which will cost you $1 and that’s it. You will not spend it and you will also get Freya.

Previously you could choose between Freya, Valir and Hanabi but now you can choose any hero. So do not rush and choose Freya or be prepared to spend 599 diamonds for her.

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