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Lesley is one of the deadliest heroes that are included in both Marksman and Assassin roles.

She is the only Marksman that isn’t nerfed and is considered as one of the meta heroes of 2020. In the late game, she can easily snipe down her enemies. If correctly used Lesley can easily dominate her enemies.

Lesley has a very long range so she can deal damage from a safe distance. This is due to her passive. Lesley can use her Being a long-ranged hero, Lesley can easily attack the enemies and escape without harm. She is suitable for poking and pushing the tower. In late game, she can deal an insane amount of damage which makes her one of the deadly hero in Mobile Legends.

Skills Overview

Lethal Shot (Passive)

Lethal Shot

Using Lesley’s basic attack grants her 5 points of energy. If she doesn’t take any damage for 5s, her next basic attack will have a longer attack range, 40% Crit Chance and 1.3x damage. Use of any other skills will reset the countdown of this skill. Each point of physical penetration Lesley obtains will be converted into 1% extra crit chance without her physical penetration percentage being affected.

1. Master of Camouflage

Master of Camouflage

Lesley’s 1st skill grants her to enter the Camouflage state for 5s which makes her semi-invisible. While in the Camouflage state, her movement speed increases by 30% and physical attack by 50. Being in the camouflage state, she can deal more damage to enemies.

Cooldown(in sec.)
Attack Bonus5080110140170200

2. Tactical Grenade

Tactical Grenade

This skill gives Lesley a knockback effect which pushes her enemy away and she herself jumps slightly backward. Lesley deals 150 (+50% total physical attack i.e. +64) points of physical damage to enemies while knocking them back. Using this skill will cancel the Ultimate snipe instantly.

Cooldown(in sec.)
Basic Damage150180210240270300

3. Ultimate Snipe

Ultimate Snipe

A precise title for this skill can be Lock and shot, as Lesley locks her enemy within the range and attacks them.

Lesley shots four fatal bullets dealing 200(+80% Extra Physical ATK) +5% of the target’s missing HP as Physical Damage. 

Each bullet that hits a target will restore 10 energy. Bullets can be blocked by other enemy heroes.

Skill Combo

The combo of attacks we suggest in Lesley is to start with the Master of Camouflage to approach the enemy secretly (like Assassin), perform basic attacks. Use second skill to distance yourself from enemies when approaching and if the enemy wants to run off use Ultimate Snipe to lock the target. Mainly, use the given below combo to deal high damage to enemies.

Master of Camouflage + Ultimate Snipe

Best Build

Best build for Lesley while playing as a Marksman are:

  1. Raptor Machete
  2. Berserker’s Fury
  3. Swift Boots
  4. Windtalker
  5. Scarlet Phantom
  6. Endless Battle

Berserker’s fury is your core item because it gives you more critical damage which attacks with your passive. But as a marksman, you need a good amount of farm so try to get Raptor Machete to the second tier. This way you will be very efficient in killing jungle monsters and gain extra gold. Then build Swift boots and then go for Berserker’s Fury. Now you can go and build serially as windtalker for attack speed, Scarlet Phantom for extra attack speed and critical chance and for the last item Endless battle. You can also get Blade of Despair for that extra damage.

Best build for Lesley while playing as an Assassin are:

  1. Swift Boots
  2. Raptor Machete
  3. Berserker’s Fury
  4. Scarlet Phantom
  5. Endless Battle
  6. Blade of Despair

This build is not your usual type of marksman build because it is for you to play like an assassin. You will go in and get a few shots, get out and repeat. You won’t attack a lot but the number of attacks will just two shot any squishy enemies.

Start by taking Raptor Machete and make it to the second tier. Now go for the swift boots to get the movement speed and attack speed. Next, get your core item Berserker’s Fury for that extra critical damage. Now, if you are farming well then go for Blade of Despair, if not go build scarlet phantom and then follow up with the endless battle. Last time keep as blade of despair.

Battle Spell

Lesley is a very squishy hero. Although she can use her first skill to escape, and her 2nd skill to push back enemies, sometimes they are not enough to escape imminent death. She is just a marksman and they die really quickly. Considering this, the battle spells that I recommend to use with Lesley are Flicker, Purify and Sprint.



Purify is another battle spell that can go well with Lesley. It removes all the Debuffs and gives immunity against control effects for 1.2s and also increases Movement Speed by 30%.

If someone has used crowd control/ CC skills on you, it will be useful to remove the CC and escape.


Flicker gives Lesley additional mobility to escape team fights or escape an enemy who is chasing you.

It teleports Lesley to a certain distance and increases 5(+1 hero level ) points of Physical and Magic Defense.

It is also useful in chasing other enemies.


Sprint helps Lesley to run away from the enemy or to chase an enemy.

You can use this skill to poke enemies and run away if they start ganking you.

First skill with this spell will make you want to run like the wind.

It increases movement speed by 40% for 8s which helps her to escape from an enemy.

Which Emblem to use?

As a hero type Assassin and Marksman, the emblem that is suitable to use with Lesley is Custom Marksman Emblem and Custom Assassin Emblem.

Custom Marksman Emblem

Marksman emblem gives lots of Critical chance and additional critical damage.

Assign the points as shown in the picture above. It will help in dealing extra damage to enemies.

Custom Assassin Emblem

This is an assassin version of Lesley. With higher movement speed and physical penetration, she will move around much more quickly. The last talent helps her to escape or go for multiple kills with more movement speed and HP.

You should apply your points shown above. You can also use the first talent for more gold.

Gameplay Tips & Tricks

Lesley has excellent poking capabilities among the heroes in Mobile Legends. She can snipe down any enemy in just a few shots and for most, they won’t know what hit them. Excellent poking capability and a huge distance to attack makes Lesley one of the most used and powerful heroes.

To maximize your ability and to properly use the hero Lesley in a battle, you can follow the tips and tricks in this article.

Lesley is a marksman and is very squishy in the early game so being with a Tanky player would help her farm as well as play safe in the early game. She should farm a lot from the start of the game so that she would get her items quickly. Lesley should try getting the orange buff as it helps to deal more damage.

Go to the midlane with tank and focus on farming in the early game until you get your Berserker’s Fury. Lesley’s core item is Berserker’s Fury. Once you get your core items, you can start joining team fights, but always farm when you get the chance and do not miss minion waves as they give a lot of gold.

Skill Tips

Always use Lesley’s 1st skill (Master of Camouflage) to sneak near the opponent to shoot or to run away. Lesley can deal more damage to the turrents in comparison to other heroes so push when you get the chance.

Use 2nd skill (Tactical Grenade) to escape or disrupt enemy skills. Her 2nd skill is instrumental in helping teammates who are struggling to escape from the enemy’s pursuit. Lesley’s 2nd skill also plays a role to disrupt the skill of several enemy heroes when Gank/group as well as keep the enemy back.

Use your ultimate to catch any enemy heroes that try to run away.

Strong/Weak Against

Being the most deadly assassin and marksman, Lesley can easily snipe down most of the heroes. Despite this, there are some heroes that can kill her easily in a few attacks. Some top heroes that are weak and strong against Lesley are listed below.

Strong Against

Having the role of both Marksman and Assassin, Lesley can destroy most of the heroes with just a few shots. Some of them include:

  1. X.Borg
  2. Badang
  3. All Mage
  4. All Marksman
  5. Chou

Weak Against

Lesley is weak against most of the assassins as they easily can attack their target and run away. Some of them include:

  1. All Assassin
  2. Alucard
  3. Nana
  4. Cecillion
  5. Uranus

That is it for the guide. Leave a comment if you loved it.
I will see you in the battle field!

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