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Mobile legends Purchase Bonus Schedule [2021]

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In mobile legends, we have different events like recharge events which are related to recharging diamonds and getting gifts. The purchase bonus event is the same but here you will need to spend your diamonds.

This event is available just once a month but it has great rewards. This event starts from the 26th of the current month server time and lasts till the 29th of the same month. So, if you want to buy something then you should wait for this event.

Rewards for Purchase Bonus Event

Here is the reward list for this event:

Diamonds to SpendReward Upon Spending
104 Skin Fragments
501 Magic Potion + 3 Skin Fragments
2001 Magic Potion + 15 Skin Fragments
5002 Magic Potion + 20 Skin Fragments
10003 Magic Potion + 25 Skin Fragments
Table of Purchase Bonus Rewards
Purchase Bonus Event Mobile Legends
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