Mobile legends rank reset chart 2021

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Your rank is a very important part of the game to get respect. You fight for Mythical Glory every season to get that sweet accomplishment.

In the end of the season you will loose your rank and be dropped to a lower one. Lets find out what will be your starting rank next season in mobile legends

Rank reset after season reset chart

Current Season RankNew Season Rank
Warrior IIIWarrior III
Warrior IIWarrior II
Warrior IWarrior I
Elite IIIElite III
Elite II – Elite IElite II
Master IV – Master IIIElite I – 1 Star
Master IIMaster IV – 1 Star
Master IMaster III – 1 Star
Grandmaster VMaster II – 1 Star
Grandmaster IVMaster I – 1 Star
Grandmaster IIIGrandmaster V – 1 Star
Grandmaster IIGrandmaster IV – 1 Star
Grandmaster IGrandmaster III – 1 Star
Epic VGrandmaster II – 1 Star
Epic IVGrandmaster I – 1 Star
Epic III – Epic IIEpic V – 1 Star
Epic I – Legend VEpic IV – 1 Star
Legend IV – Legend IEpic III – 1 Star
Mythic 0-99 StarsEpic II – 1 Star
Mythic 100-499 StarsEpic I – 1 Star
Mythic 500+Legend V – 1 Star
Table of rank new season and then rank drop in next season

Tips on how to quickly rank up next season

One best way to rank up is to play regardless of the result. Play your best hero until you rank up until legend. After that, you can adjust your game according to the team and then rank up. But do learn to play at least 2 heroes of different roles to carry the team. That way you can participate in team fights and wipe out opponents to make everyone push. You will win only if you push so if nobody is willing to push then just focus on wiping out others.

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