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Mobile Legends Recharge Gift Schedule [2021]

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Recharge Gift is the event where you will get additional rewards when you recharge a certain amount to receive additional gifts.

This event occurs two times a month. First even requires you to recharge total diamonds which is a total of normal and bonus diamonds. The second recharge event will only count normal diamonds and not bonus diamonds.

The first recharge gift event will schedule from the 3rd to the 7th of every month and the second recharge event will vary and usually starts from the 10th day to 14th or from the 15th to 19th server time of every month.

However, the rewards vary in those two events and the second event has better gifts as well.

What rewards can i receive in diamond recharge event?

For the first event which occurs on the 3rd to 7th of every month, recharging diamonds will get you:

103 Skin fragments
503 Skin Fragments + 40 Magic Dust
1504 Skin Fragments + 60 Magic Dust
3004 Skin Fragments + 80 Magic Dust
5004 Skin Fragments + 100 Magic Dust
100010 Skin Fragments + 200 Magic Dust
Recharge Gift reward for 3rd to 7th
Mobile Legends Diamond Recharge Event

For the second recharge event which occurs from the 10th or 16th of every month, recharging basic diamonds will get you:

Basic DiamondsRewards
104 Skin Fragments
503 Skin Fragments+ 60 Crystal of Aurora
2501 Giant Emblem Pack + 60 Crystal of Aurora
7504 Giant Emblem Pack + 60 Crystal of Aurora + 15 Skin Fragments
17508 Giant Emblem Pack + 60 Crystal of Aurora + 30 Skin Fragments
300010 Giant Emblem Pack + 60 Crystal of Aurora + 40 Skin Fragments
500012 Giant Emblem Pack + 50 Skin Fragments + 5 Magic Potion
Recharge gift reward from 10th to 19th
Mobile legends Diamond Recharge Event

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