X.Borg Best Build, Emblem, Guide, Spell – Mobile Legends [2020]

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X.Borg is a very tanky fighter with a very good HP regeneration. He is a skill-based hero which means he deals more damage by using skills. By spamming his skills you don’t need to use basic attacks at all. He has a very good early sustain. You may be in trouble if you go up against other regen heroes but if you play him properly then you can destroy them as well.

Skills Overview

Firaga Armor (Passive)

Firaga Armor

Xborg has an armor that takes the damage before his HP while it’s active. When the armor is finished, he will roll to a side where ever your joystick is pointing. He takes no damage during the roll. During the armor less state, he will constantly gain energy and when the energy bar is full, his armor will be back again with 30% of max HP.

Xborg’s attacks will warm up enemies when attacking with skills or basic attacks and enemies with the highest temperature will drop Firaga supplies after every attack. By picking up those Firaga supplies you will get 10% of armor HP or 15 energy points while in armor less state.

1. Fire Missiles

Fire missiles

This is his primary source of the attack. He fires flamethrower in the designated direction. It deals 30 + 50% Total Physical Attack of Physical Damage for 2 seconds.

Enemies whos temperature rises to the limit will take True damage and slow down by 10%.

Fire Missiles

Armorless State: The length of the physical attack will decrease but it will be much narrow and the damage it deals will be 60% of that in the armor state.

It will also cause the True damage effect.

2. Fire Stake

Fire Stake

X.Borg shoots 5 fire stakes forwards in a fan shape area. After 1.7 seconds, the stakes will return back into his body. Each stake deals 50 + 20% Total Physical Attack of Physical Damage to the enemies on the way and pulls them back.

If the Fire Stakes touch Firaga supplies in its path, they will come inside X.Borg as well.

Armorless State: Fire stakes are launched further away but in a much narrow path and the distance between those stakes will also decrease.

3. Last Insanity

Last Insanity

Xborg will charge forward in a designated direction, shooting fire around while spinning to deal 200 + 100% Extra Physical Attack points of Physical Damage and slowing enemies by 25%.

If he hits an enemy during the charge then he will stop charging and slow the target by an extra 40%. The whole process will last 3 seconds. After which he self explodes to cause 300 + 15% of Target’s Max HP as True Damage. If you want to explode early then you can click the ultimate again and you will self-explode right away.

The explosion will destroy his armor and deals 50% damage and puts himself under Armorless state. This skill cannot be used in an armorless state.
He can move again to the direction of Joystick after he self-explodes.

Best Build

X.Borg suits a tanky build. He will continously deal damage and has a great sustain using spell vamp items.

The best build for X.Borg includes:

  • Warrior Boot
  • Blood Lust Axe
  • Immortality
  • Blade of Despair
  • Ice Queen Wand
  • Athena’s Shield

Bloodlust Axe and Immortality are the core items for X. Borg.

Start by getting warrior boots. If you face a tough enemy in your lane then you can build bloodlust axe first for that sustain early game. It gives 20% spell vamp which will drive your opponent crazy because you would just regenerate. After this build Immortality. When you die, immortality will revive you with 10% of shield and you would be able to use your ultimate right away.

After getting these three items you can start to push comfortably. Spam your first skill and harass your enemies.

Get Blade of despair next for that extra damage. After that build Ice queen wand to slow down enemies for an extra 15%

For the last item get Athena’s shield for the shield it gives every 30 seconds. But if you face a lot of physical damage users then you can build queens wings for an extra physical defense and damage reduction.

Battle Spell

Flicker suits X.Borg the most. You can escape out of dangerous situations or chase someone with a low HP. But the most useful thing about flicker with X.Borg is that when you have used your Ultimate (Last Insanity), enemies may use a blick skill and run away. So at that moment use flicker to get close to them and then explode your ultimate on your enemies.

Which Emblem to use?

There is just one emblem that fits X.Borg. Fighter emblem works the best with him with the third talent as Festival of Blood.

This talent gives him 8% spell vamp which is very useful to regain his HP back. Also, he is a skill-based hero so spell vamp will get a lot of health back


It will give you +12 Physical attack and +300 HP with 8% spell vamp which can be increased to 20% by getting kills. Combining this with Blood Lust Axe will give you a total of 40% spell vamp at maximum.

Assign all the points as shown in the picture and you are golden.

Gameplay Tips & Tricks

X.Borg is a side laner. It does not matter if you go top or bottom. You can easily solo a lane. Take out minion waves first. The first two wave will give you alot of gold.

After that contest for the crab and keep clearing minion wave of your lane. Check how mid lane is doing. If they need help and your lane is safe then go to midlane, help them and return.

Try not to die. If there are 3 enemies trying to destroy your lane then just play defensively. Ask for help but don’t die a useless death.

Keep farming and clear minion waves and then join the gank. But don’t forget to push. We win by pushing.

Strong/Weak Against

X.Borg is very weak against magic damage and burst damage dealers. If his armor runs out then armorless X.borg cant do much. Heroes like Lesley, Granger, Rodger, Helcurt will easily destroy him.

X.Borg is strong against hero like Hanabi, Badang, Aldous, Johnson, Gatotkaca.

Basically he is weak to burst damage. He can take on rest.

That’s it, guys!
See you all on the battlefield.
Do Comment if you enjoyed this article.

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